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Here at Mid Eastern, we know that you, the driver who works hard to help keep America moving, doesn't have his/her trucked parked in some garage awaiting the next show. You're driving it, staying loaded, and working. You are the men and women who move America with beautiful pieces of equipment that are rolling the roads, day in and day out, making sure that those of us who don't drive have food on our plates, clothes on our backs, and fuel in our tanks. We sincerely thank you, the American Truck Driver, for doing what you do everyday. As a salute to all of those who may never grace the cover of a magazine because they are too busy working, this page is exists to show off our drivers. Every truck, car, motorcycle, etc. you see on this page is a real Mid Eastern customer. These aren't photos ripped off some show car or truck website, these are real everyday people who know that when you want to take care of your pride and joy, you come to Mid Eastern. Thanks again for all you do and enjoy!

Are you a Mid Eastern customer and don't see your truck?

Send us an email with a picture of your truck, your name, and your company and we will get you up here as soon as we can!


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