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We at Mid Eastern have been washing trucks at our I-95 location the Old Fashioned labor intensive way since July 4th, 1985. Wow, Time is certainly flying! This method is certainly not without challenges but the "Hand Wash" simply put, is the best way to care for these enormous and expensive pieces of equipment.


We continue to use a high grade of alkaline truck wash soap for the hand washing as well as a high grade alkaline based degreaser for those trailers and tough to clean areas. We also offer a brightener that is applied with its own 100% separate equipment so that it is only used when requested.


We have recently installed the latest high output bay lighting (seen below) in both of our bays so that we can get all those hard to find spots as well!


We are grateful for the years of customer support and hope to serve you, taking care of your Pride And Joy, for a very long time to come!




Tractor Wash: $38.00                                            Trailer Wash: $38.00


Tractor/Trailer Wash: $69.00                                Tractor/Flatbed: $59.00


Trailer Washout: $30.00 & up                               (Prices may be subject to change without notice)


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